Amada circular saw CMII 75 Dynaguide

Powerful Carbide Circular Saw with material feed via a helical feeder. Fully automatically Sorting of head section and Remnant. Largest portion length accuracy, because of the material feed via servo controlled precision. Very low wastage by using carbidetipped circular saw blades in thin section execution.

Type of machine Sawing range [mm]
Sawing range [mm]
Circular saw blade [mm] Drive power [kW] Download Link
CMII 75 DG ❍ 10 - 76,3 ❒ 10 - 65 285 x Ø 32 x 2,0 7,5 PDF -
CMII 100 DG ❍ 20 - 101,6 ❒ 20 - 80 360 x Ø 50 x 2,6 11 PDF -


For each application AMADA offers the appropriate tool. Like the machines, the saw blades are permanently improved and advanced. By using AMADA tools on AMADA machines always a perfect cutting result is given.

Type Characteristics
TCB-CB •Carbide Teeth
•Universal tool for use in changing material qualities
TCB-CR II •Cermet Teeth
•Tool for non-alloyed steels and steels with a carbon content between 0.15 to 0.45 %
TCB-TI/TI II •Carbide Teeth + TiN coating
•Tool for alloy steels with a carbon content > 0.45%, but not stainless or heat resistant steels
TCB-SU •Carbide Teeth
•Tool for stainless steel
TCB-PT/PT II •Carbide Teeth
•Tool specially for pipes and profiles
TCB-TISU •Carbide Teeth + TiN coating
•Tool with particularly long service life with stainless steels
TCB-DI •Carbide Teeth + special coating
•Tool specially for tool steels
AMADA Circular saw blade