AMADA Machinery Europe GmbH – Europe HQ Haan

In order to further growth and to enforce the position in the important European market, AMADA MACHINE TOOLS EUROPE GmbH was established in October 2009. Today AMADA MACHINE TOOLS EUROPE GmbH is responsible for the entire cutting machines, cutting tools, grinding machines and milling machines business at Europe, Russia, GUS and North Africa and provides sales, service, parts and support. In addition to the headquarters in Haan (near Düsseldorf/Germany), the company has one branch in France, one branch in Italy and one office in Russia. Furthermore AMADA MACHINE TOOLS EUROPE GmbH has also an established network of local partners within the covered territory.

AMADA has the unique advantage of producing both band saw machines as well as band saw blades. This advantage results in a continuous development of new and optimized products. The AMADA factory in Ternitz, Austria develop and produce bandsaw blades especially for the European market. AMADA has also been offering special saws for cutting glass, silicon and ceramic materials and the necessary diamondtipped saw blades from its own production since 2019.

The production advantages offered by AMADA milling technologies are utilized in the tool steel industry as well as in the manufacturing of all supply parts for the engineering, energy, transportation, automotive, aerospace sectors. AMADA offers productive twin-headed milling machines for high-precise machining of plate material and big size milling head machines, allowing plates with big width and length to be milled in one or few passes

AMADA is one of the market leaders for optical profile grinding and high precision surface and profile grinding. With the combination of the extensive technologies from Wasino, Petewe, Doebeli and Profiltec all under the ownership of AMADA, we will lead profile grinding into new dimensions.